October 3, 2013 - submitted by Lou F, United Kingdom

Q. Hi Oracle, I came across a wiki page article today that talked about Coldplay working with Radiohead during the late 90s before OK Computer. I don't believe it's real. But it's rather amusing. Just wanted to clarify, this didn't really happen, did it?

The Oracle replies:

There is no truth in that wiki article at all. I do have an early days Radiohead tale to regale. Phil Harvey - who went to University in Oxford - took a Coldplay demo to a bakery. Why did he do that? I hear you ask.
The bakery was owned by a relation of a Radiohead band member and Phil asked them to pass it along. Whether it was ever listened to remains a mystery.
I can hear you ask again - no, this has nothing to do with Coldplay's studio being called The Bakery.