October 2, 2013 - submitted by Abigail, twitter

Q. @jcwg
Do u have any remedies for insomnia u can share? #whenufeelsotiredbutujustcantsleep

The Oracle replies:

When I've suffered with insomnia I have employed various techniques to help.
The first one I found really important: don't stress about it.
I discovered that if I just lay still and rested without getting worked up over not sleeping, I wouldn't feel as drained the following day.
That meant my body was rested so then I tackled the mind. Meditation was a great aid. That's what eventually worked for me.
Also consider switching off all stimulating media devices well in advance of bedtime, no alcohol or caffeine, a warm bath, lavender scent on the pillow, low lighting in bedroom and perhaps even herbal remedies.
Two other things I did were to shift the getting ready for bed routine (teeth brushing etc.) forward rather than immediately before bed which would wake me up. I also used to listen to relaxation music whilst lying on the floor with my legs vertically up against the wall. I know it sounds weird, but it just may work.