October 2, 2013 - submitted by MF, United States of America

Q. I heard Trouble in a documentary called Maxed Out about people who use their credit cards so much that their lives are completely ruined. Which led me to wonder, does the band know every place their music ends up at? I know you've said plenty of times that the record label company makes the decision to allow it or not, but does the band get any say? It was kind of a weird inclusion of the song.

The Oracle replies:

That's not strictly what I have said. It's true in some cases that the label and publisher make the decision but yes, the band do sometimes have a say. They're not always consulted but there are things they would be asked about or indeed know about and want to be involved in.
However, the example you've given is one of several thousands that would be impossible to count. Those plays come under what's called a blanket agreement where permission isn't needed, not even from any third party. Artists still get paid but under a generic license rather than an individual one.

ps Surely getting into debt got them into trouble. Tenuous link hence choice of song.