October 1, 2013 - submitted by Stephen, United States of America

Q. My friend and I are starting a small band in which we'll cover the almighty Coldplay along with a song or two that I've written. The problem is we can't decide what to name ourselves. I came up with Poppyfields and him with Perpetual Obscurity. We would like a name based on the Band or anything related. I would love to see what Team Oracle could come up with, too! Thanks. Stephen

The Oracle replies:

Poppyfields is infinitely the better of the two. I wouldn't even consider Perpetual Obscurity for a nano second. It sounds like a bad movie when taken out of context. I can hear the voice over man announcing "coming to a cinema near you". It's too pretentious a band name in my opinion.
My advice is to choose the name depending on what audience you're aiming for. If you're doing your own stuff and a few covers by different bands, don't pick an obvious Coldplay related name. If you're going to be a Coldplay tribute act, decide whether you're wanting to appeal to die hard fans of the band or everyone.
I'm sure there are many tribute acts out there with the same name but someone who has only heard the band's singles wouldn't get that Twisted Logic are a Coldplay tribute act. Many opt for a play on words (gosh, already a pun in itself) - Coldplace etc.
I would ask Team Oracle but already got one in mind for this week and you may be in a hurry. I'll tweet it from my @ColdplayOracle for you & see what happens.