September 12, 2013 - submitted by Carlos,

Q. Hola querida Oracle.

Is it ridiculousness to move to London with nothing and try to have a music career over there? I choose London because I believe my music would be more appreciated over there.
Where do you think is better to start a music career, London or L.A.?

The Oracle replies:

I actually think the best place to start a music career is in your home town city. Performing on your local circuit is very important. I think once you have started to build a fan base you can progress. Get yourself known for where you're from has certain appeal.
Think Arctic Monkeys, R.E.M, Oasis and countless others who started at the roots before they branched out - like my botanical analogy?

For me, the step of a huge move to London or L.A should only be once you've established yourself and have a great sense of your identity based on the place you're from. It's a huge part of the writing experience - write about what you know.
I can only speak of London as I live there but it's is very expensive and incredibly tough to break into music from nothing.
Here's what I'd be asking myself:
Where would I play? Why would anyone book me to play? Who would come and see me? Why? How would they hear about me? Who would play my music? Or write about it? Or buy it? How would I fund my move? My living expenses? My music?

I know there are many artists/bands who get their big break from their careers starting at college/university so if that's an option it could work.
To move solely for the purpose of your music is a massive risk and a huge financial commitment. I'm all for taking a leap into the great unknown but as you can start sharing your music online these days it makes sense to wait a while - it may well be that Germany or Japan appreciate your music more.