September 10, 2013 - submitted by Forrest , United States of America

Q. When Chris plays older songs (Shiver/Scientist/See You Soon/etc.) does he try to emotionally put himself where he was when he wrote the song? And if not, how does he sing with so much passion and sincerity during every performance? Thank you Oracle!

The Oracle replies:

Funnily enough, the songs you mention aren't actually that personal - emotionally speaking - to Chris these days. The Scientist certainly isn't autobiographical in the first place.
I'm quite sure that Fix You will always be a song that's easy to evoke the emotion rather than be in the original one. I'd wager that certain melodies and lyrics would be hard to sing any other way.
There are many people who have the same raw emotion and find it difficult to sing certain songs- Amy Winehouse was visibly affected by some of her tracks from Back to Black.