September 9, 2013 - submitted by Sydney, United States of America

Q. Darling Oracle, please help me!
I have a friend that I would give the world for. He is going through a tough time in his life with school, parents, and family. I promised him that I would always be there for him no matter what would happen to him, but just recently he moved to Tennessee, and the only way I can contact him is through hand-written letters (I don't have a phone...)! My question to you is, how can I possibly be his shoulder to cry on if I live across the country with almost no means of contact with him? I love this kid, and I don't want anything to happen to him! Please help!

The Oracle replies:

If your friend hasn't got the Internet at home he could always use computers at his local library where you could chat online or at least send emails.
If he has it at home, you could chat online face to face with your preferred video calling application.
There are still public pay-phones so you could call him from one of those - get a phone card to keep an eye on your call budget.
Do write him letters too as I am sure they will brighten his day and after all, this is how people used to communicate in the days before telephones and the world wide web.
Maybe you include a photo every now and then. Letter writing is a dying art so it would be nice to keep it alive and has a personal touch you can't quite recreate online.
Hopefully he'll make new friends too and will have their support as well as yours.