January 21, 2009 - submitted by Ariane, Australia

Q. Hey Oracle,
It's brilliant that Coldplay got that award at the NRJs but I'd really like to know what Chris said in that acceptance speech. I'd be very grateful for a translation as I'm sure the other non-French-speaking fans would!

The Oracle replies:

Before I tell you what he said, I plead with French speakers not to bombard me over the nitty gritty as I watched it once and scribbled the meaning so am not doing an absolute word for word translation... right, now that's out of the way, here's the gist of what he said:
Firstly he thanks the two hosts and the ladies and gentlemen...
"I know how to speak French. Thank you. I'm sorry because my French is like a broken car. It's very long and very difficult to understand. But I'd like to say to you a big thankyou with all my heart. It's fantastic to play in France. I'm sorry that I am all alone... my friends are on the beach. They're eating ice-cream" In English he then says:
"That's it. I'm finished, thank you so much for having us" and with a final French farewell: "See you soon" that's it.
You may notice Chris used the French word "donc" a number of times during the speech. It's his favourite French word so he likes using it (you'll hear it at French shows too). It's a good pausing word and is used in a similar way to so in English.