August 1, 2013 - submitted by Omar, Colombia

Q. Hi dear Oracle!
Recently, I saw The Simpsons episode Million Dollar Baby from the 21st season, where our beloved band made an appearance. In the episode, homer wins $1,000,000 in the lottery, but, because of the taxes he had to pay to the government, they left him with $685,443.22 on his pocket. With that money, he bought stuff for his family like a washer machine for Marge, a huge star projector for Lisa and a trip on airplane to experience zero gravity with Bart, etc. One of the things he paid for was for a private Coldplay concert. So, my question is, all that have been said, How much does a private Coldplay concert cost? I want to know cause I'm turning 22 next week. I'm willing to pay the airplane tickets and the hotel suites. (At least we know is less than $700,000).

PS: Please, tell Chris, Jonny and Guy that they have to come back to Colombia and Happy Birthday to Will!

A huge hug for You and the guys.

Best Wishes from Bogota, Colombia!!!

The Oracle replies:

The Simpsons episode hasn't got any truth to it whatsoever I'm afraid. Despite whatever costs Homer shelled out and what was left, that doesn't mean in reality that it would be under $700,000 to hire the band; there is no price as the band are not for hire.
By the way, I think any band would need more than a week's notice to pull together a show. I was going to suggest that you look for a Coldplay tribute band but it really might be too late for a booking.