July 24, 2013 - submitted by Philipe, Brazil

Q. Hello Oracle,

Do you and Coldplay guys know the Athlete Band (the band of the singer Joel Pott)?
They have great and harmonic songs as Coldplay.
I would like to watch a presentation with the two of them together.
Is it possible to happen?

Thank you!

The Oracle replies:

Did you know that the same guy who signed Coldplay later signed Athlete? They were label mates for a while. There isn't likely to be a collaboration but I'm sure they will both be on the same bill at festivals again as they have in the past.
Athlete have been touring their 10th year anniversary show recently.
I was sent their demo back in 2000 and know the man who managed them back then and subsequently signed them to Fiction well but I don't know the band. I met one of the guys in a pub near me a few months ago. Nice chap.