July 16, 2013 - submitted by Tayfun, United Kingdom

Q. Dear Oracle I am an aspiring music writer, and I am currently writing material, something is bugging me though, does anybody gonna give a shit about my music. I have the feeling no matter how good it is with so many great musicians in the internet it's hard to stand any chance?

The Oracle replies:

With an attitude like that, you will get nowhere! C'mon man, where's your fight?
Seriously, yes, it is tough out there but the very first reason you should ever make music is for yourself. Therefore if you give a sh*t about it, that's a very good start.
Work hard and stop worrying about the competition. If you want to stand out, just be better than the rest. Write every day and don't give up. Imagine if Neil Young or Bob Dylan or Janis Joplin or Robert Plant or Ray Davies or Thom Yorke or Chris Martin et al. had given up at the first hurdle.

If a chance is all you think you have then make sure it's a talented chance and be the best you can.
I'll be watching out for your name...