July 16, 2013 - submitted by Andy, United Kingdom

Q. Hi Oracle, I was just reminiscing about seeing my favourite band ever, playing my favourite venue ever- Coldplay at the Royal Court Theatre (Crisis gig). Have you seen your favourite artists at the venue you favour most?

The Oracle replies:

Funnily enough I was at that gig and when I was there I told the band that the last time I'd been there was also my first time there to see a band that shaped my life - Frankie Goes to Hollywood in 1984.
I'm very lucky to have seen Coldplay in some of my favourite venues (some that no longer exist): Manchester Roadhouse, Borderline, Camden Falcon...
One of my favourite venues around the world is Amsterdam's Paradiso but sadly I didn't see anyone I particularly like there. I won't say who because the band love him! Ha ha!
There have been stand out gigs in amazing venues over the years and some have luckily matched with my favourite artists:
Tori Amos at Free Trade Hall, Ryan Adams at London Palladium, World Party at Royal Albert Hall but sadly some venues don't do my favourites justice - that's especially true for Prince. I like the smaller intimate venues so the nearest for him have been aftershows such as Bagleys & Indigo in London but they're not on my preferred venue list.