July 15, 2013 - submitted by Franco, Argentina

Q. Hello Oracle! How are you?

I found this video from a live concert from the Parachutes era playing A Rush Of Blood To The Head.
As you can see, the lyrics are different comparing with the album version, so, the question is: How many AROBTTH songs were composed and played during the Parachutes era?

Thanks for seeing all our questions and for answering them!!
Greetings from Franco :)

The Oracle replies:

In 2000 and 2001, Coldplay toured the live circuit almost continuously to promote Parachutes. It was from October that they started to introduce new songs that were being written on the road for their second album - In My Place being one of them.
Some of those songs didn't make it such as Animals. In April 2001, A Rush Of Blood to the Head and God Put A Smile Upon Your Face were introduced followed by Murder and Idiot which again, didn't make the final album.