July 15, 2013 - submitted by Danny, United Kingdom

Q. Dear Oracle, have you ever requested the band to play a song for you, be it in rehearsals or soundchecks or even a studio? Would Chris sing you Green Eyes if you asked him nicely being the nice man he is? :)

The Oracle replies:

Ha! Yes, I have - once. My birthday a couple of years ago I asked for Politik even though I wasn't going to be at the show.
Chris asked the band's P.A to call me so I could hear it. I was told not to answer my phone but when I listened to it back it was terrible audio quality. Thankfully Roadie #42 came to my rescue and sent me an amazing version by MP3. It's my favourite recording of the band live ever.
Previous to asking, Chris has dedicated that song to me many times as he knows it's my favourite.
I've had a few dedications over the years at soundchecks and shows but the very first time was Don't Panic back in 1999 at a tiny venue. He said it was for me and my new haircut and hastily added that there was nothing wrong with my hair & that's not why he was singing Don't Panic.