July 10, 2013 - submitted by Beate, Germany

Q. Dear Oracle.
Last year I made a trip with my sailboat named "My Own" to a small Danish island called Anholt. It was a perfect day with perfect weather, the sun was shining, the wind was blowing, and me and my boat were totally alone on the sea. Then I heard Us Against the World and it drives tears in my eyes up to this perfect moment. Did that ever happen to you by hearing a Coldplay song?
Love from Germany

The Oracle replies:

I wouldn't be surprised if many people relate to this, Beate.
I can't pretend that I am immune to the emotion of Coldplay songs by my close proximity to them. I have to confess that yes, that has also happened to me.
There was one song I went through a patch of avoiding - which was hard as it was on the set list at the time!
Other than that, two different songs on separate occasions I was just happily watching the band and they started playing and before you knew it, tears were flowing quite unexpectedly.
It felt a little bit embarrassing but music has that power - whether it evokes a memory or ignites an emotion.

*The idea of taking yourself off on a sailboat trip sounds idyllic by the way.