July 9, 2013 - submitted by Fred, United Kingdom

Q. Hi there,
I recorded my demos and have been offered 2 gigs this summer which is amazing. I have got friends to play the parts and the first venue is Proud Camden which is an exciting venue. Did Coldplay ever play that venue, I know they did a lot of Camden shows, what about Fiddlers Elbow as that is my 2nd gig.


The Oracle replies:

There are so many venues in Camden and out of those two, Proud has the better reputation and is good to get. The band have never played there - it wasn't really used for gigs back in their day.
Proud was where the band held the Kids Company charity exhibition last year. It's within part of Camden Market as is Dingwalls where they did play when they first started out and again in December 2011 for Radio 2.

I used to live near the Fiddlers Elbow pub and in all my years of working in the music industry I have never been. I knew they had live music but it's not really a venue I'd consider. There are other places that are known to be on the regular Camden circuit that showcases up and coming talent such as the Barfly. However, a gig is a gig so it's not to be sniffed at. Good luck.