June 24, 2013 - submitted by Ben, United Kingdom

Q. My friend and I were at the Under 1 Roof gig in December 2011 (superb night it was too) and we're having a disagreement over Alan Partridge which I'm hoping you can settle.

He is saying that Alan interrupting Coldplay during Christmas Lights wasn't planned and was very rude. And as a lifelong Alan Partridge fan (and possessing common sense) I'm saying it was obviously planned and was part of the joke.

Please tell me I'm right so I can shut him up once and for all.

The Oracle replies:

You're both right in a way. Steve Coogan aka Alan was due to interrupt the song yes, but not as early as he did. It wasn't his fault though, someone in the crew had told him the wrong time to go on and so it cut the song shorter than expected.