June 19, 2013 - submitted by Carolina, Mexico

Q. Hola, Hallo, Hello Oracle!
I know this is one of the most stupid questions ever, but I have curiosity to know.. Where does Chris gets his haircut? I love it! I know I'm a girl, but maybe I go on a trip to London and I decide to get a haircut, and then when I have my amazing haircut I will say I got it where Chris Martin goes! Hahahaha.
Please reply, even if you don't know!
Greetings and Cheers from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!
Ps: I'm very glad Chris Martin's Mylo Xyloto hairstyle came back, he looks so hot in it! Take Care Oracle.

The Oracle replies:

I prefer the long hair look too - he usually grows it after a tour.
Anyway, as far as I am aware, his hairdresser - I have totally forgotten her name - comes to the studio and cuts his hair there.
I don't think she works in a salon...