June 12, 2013 - submitted by Thuane, Brazil

Q. Which was the first concert that Coldplay used Xylobands/wristbands first time? Thank you.

The Oracle replies:

It was actually the show that I mentioned in one of yesterday's answers.
That was the first live gig of the MX album era though not strictly part of a tour. It took place in Madrid's Plaza de toros Las Ventas on 26 October 2011. They looked different - thinner straps and less colours but the technology was the same.
Anchorman and myself went to have a look at the boxes of Xylobands waiting for the very first fans to enter the venue. It was both exciting and nerve inducing waiting for the moment of truth when the lights went down.

The concert was part of the “American Express Unstaged” series, which paired musical artists with film directors. Coldplay worked with Anton Corbijn who as you may know, has taken photographs of the band and directed the videos for Talk and Viva la Vida (alternative video).