June 7, 2013 - submitted by Flora, United States of America

Q. Hey Oracle,

I watched Coldplay's performance for the "Stand Up To Cancer" benefit and it got me thinking, how do international concerts work? Is it just assumed that enough people know English, or is there a form of translations (captions, interpreter) that ensue? I wish I could've been in France that night!


The Oracle replies:

I'd say the fact that people come to the shows means they're fans of the music. They will only have heard the songs in English as that's the native tongue of the band so naturally that's what they write in.
Certainly not all people know the meaning of the lyrics. To some that won't matter at all.
I like songs in foreign languages that I've NO clue what they're saying or what it means. I can tell it it's an emotional heartbreaker or whatever but it doesn't deter my enjoyment of the music.
Of course English as a language is widely recognised & understood and many artists perform in English so there are no captions, interpreters or sur-titles like at some opera shows.

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