June 4, 2013 - submitted by Celine, Australia

Q. I read somewhere that Chris sang Dry Your Eyes with The Streets but this version was never released because Chris wasn't happy with his voice in it. Is this true and if so can you elaborate on why? Really curious about this because I can't imagine him ever sounding anything but fantastic. Thanks for your time

The Oracle replies:

Ooh look! 2 Celines in one day from different corners of the world.

Chris did record Dry Your Eyes with The Streets but the reason it was never released has nothing to do with how Chris' voice sounded. It sounded great! I prefer it to the released version personally.

Sometimes labels have objections to collaborations - nothing too political or sinister just varying reasons to do with exposure, schedules, other releases etc.
It's more a question for the The Streets label rather than Coldplay's...