May 31, 2013 - submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom

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I was hoping you would be able to help me out. You see, in January, when I was taking finals, I found one of my best friends was cheating on the final. I made a very hard decision and reported him and one other friend that was guilty. I planned on it being anonymous so my teacher could change the test and I wouldn't be found out, AND my friends would not get in trouble, but in the end, my wishes were not respected. (They basically MADE me tell them who it was.) The test was not changed, and my friends got week suspensions, after being informed it was I who ratted them out. It has been a few months, and neither will talk to me. This is horrifying because they were my best friends! What should I do? I have already apologized and explained myself thousands of times, but to no avail. My other friends say I should give up, but I can't do that, also because I can't hang out with my other best friends since these two are always there. Please give me some advice? Claire, USA.

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