May 30, 2013 - submitted by Anna , United Kingdom

Q. I recently saw on twitter that one of their fans tweeted that Guy was on Pointless Celebrities, is that true?

The Oracle replies:

No. For those who don't know, Pointless is a quiz show where you're trying to find answers that the public are least likely to have replied when polled.
This week one of the categories was Famous Bass Guitarists. There followed a list of bass players and the contestants had to say which bassist played with which band. They were trying to get a pointless answer - one which returned 0 correct replies.
Guy Berryman's name was one of the answers but none of the contestants chose his to guess. After the round had finished, Alexander Armstrong - the host - wrongly guessed he was in Keane.
The interesting part of this is Richard Osman, who is a side-kick to Alexander, is the brother of a famous bass guitarist himself - Mat Osman from Suede.