May 22, 2013 - submitted by Aranzazu, Chile

Q. Lovely Oracle, since Coldplay's first message in Spanish appear on Facebook, and some people here asking in Spanish... I was wondering, have you ever thought about learning spanish? But I mean, really, Spanish without translator help! There is a lot of people here asking in English, but their mother language are others, (like me! I'm Chilean) So why can't you?
Cheers, Arie.

The Oracle replies:

As the band are British - like you - it's usual for us to speak in our mother tongue.
That said, we are obviously looking into having Spanish translations - as you saw on Facebook.
I did study languages at school - French, Spanish & German and am at the moment learning a little Italian, but I'm not fluent enough to offer to reply in any other languages. Plus not all our readers would understand. English is practically the universal language (after love), well, it is the most widely used so it makes sense for us to stick with it.