May 21, 2013 - submitted by S, Netherlands

Q. Hi Oracle!

I hope you, the rest of the crew and the band are doing really well. I have two questions, and I'm hoping you could answer them for me:

1. On Amsterdam, is it Will or Jonny providing the backing vocals? I know that Will provides the most backing vocals, and that Jonny doesn't always like to sing... But the backing vocals in Amsterdam are quite low, and when Jonny sings, he has a very distinct low voice.
I've asked some fans, and most are really convinced it's Will (singing low), but... I'm just not sure.

2. Why is the small Mylo Xyloto title on the Mylo Xyloto CD case printed upside down? I noticed it when I wanted to arrange all of my Coldplay CDs into a neat stack. First I thought it was a printing mistake, but then I mentioned it to other fans and their MX CDs have the exact same thing. Is it a mistake? Or is it just a choice in design?

Thanks so much for reading these questions and helping out so many Coldplayers! And, if you answer these ones (or one of them), thanks in advance for that too!



The Oracle replies:

Will sings the bvs on Amsterdam live but on the album version I can hear more than one back-up vocal. I can hear Jonny (low) and Will (higher & same as live) and am pretty sure I can hear Chris (over dubs) too.
I'm not sure where you heard Jonny doesn't like to sing much. Jonny sang most of the backing vocals before AROBTTH. You can hear him clearly take lead on the second verse of Don't Panic on Parachutes too.

I have a quite a few other albums where when the title spine is facing the right way, it means the CD is upside down on my shelf:
Primal Scream - Screamadelica, Ben Christophers - My Beautiful Demon, Cocteau Twins - Victorialand & Associates - Silk to name a few.
Who knows why... maybe the creators were left handed.