May 20, 2013 - submitted by Josh, United Kingdom

Q. Dear Oracle,

I have no faith that this ridiculous question will be answered but here we go. The band's previous name was Trombolese for a short period.. Freed from Desire just came on shuffle, and it sounds very much like they keep saying Trombolese! Plus this was released in 1996... could this have been the inspiration behind Coldplay's early (and terrible) band name!?


The Oracle replies:

Ha ha ha! Josh I swear that I thought the exact same thing. Before I met Coldplay I thought they said trombolese in the lyrics to that song. I had no idea what trombolese meant of course - that's because the lyrics are actually "he's got his strong beliefs". It seems we weren't alone in thinking that by the way.
The timing would suggest there could be a link as it was only a short time before Coldplay formed. To be honest if like me they thought it was an exotic music instrument, I can see why they would chose that as their early (and terrible) band name.