May 20, 2013 - submitted by Christine D, United States of America

Q. Dear Oracle... there's an open mic in my town and I'm wondering if I should perform. I have a song I can play but I'm scared of being judged or messing up! What do I do? Should I do it?

The Oracle replies:

It's good to push & challenge yourself. There's nothing wrong with making a mistake either so don't let that put you off. So what if you mess up? Just carry on as if nothing went wrong. Ok, I know Chris usually stops and starts again if he's messed up but whatever you'd be happier with. You could make a joke out of it.
This is hypothetical of course because you may not make any mistakes.
There are times we are judged by others but hopefully everyone will be willing you to do well. Take some close friends to support & cheer you on.
If you learn the song well, you can only do your best. You're bound to feel nervous but that's natural. Once you've performed you'll probably feel an incredible buzz but that doesn't mean the nerves will go the next time. I think nerves are good - it shows you care. Go for it!