May 16, 2013 - submitted by Nick, United States of America

Q. Dear Oracle,

I can only imagine the countless number of marriage proposal requests the band must get for each show.

Up until recently, I always thought a concert was a strange place for a proposal. Then I saw a proposal during Fix You, which sent shivers down my spine.

Do you think a concert is an admirable place for a man to propose, or is it unromantic because it requires little work?

The Oracle replies:

I was considering trying to find out how many proposals have taken place at a Coldplay show. You're right - there are so many requests asking for the band's help to make it special. It's not possible to grant such requests - there'd be little time for he music!
Add to that number the people who don't ask and then the ones that get swept up in the moment and ask spontaneously, I reckon there are scores at every show.
Each to their own I say. It's not for me personally but hey, if that's how & where someone wants to propose, that's their business. I wouldn't do it because, well, I'd be thinking they're hardly likely to say "no" are they? It would totally ruin the show.