May 15, 2013 - submitted by James, United Kingdom

Q. I am in a band but they don't share same musical interest. They all love The Strokes, The Smiths etc. Although they are great bands they don't get me going like Coldplay, Mumford and Sons and early Radiohead. I am the songwriter yet don't want to put effort into songs if they don't like them because they are Coldplay inspired and not 'indie' enough. What do I do?? Go solo and get session musicians? I am 16 by the way.

The Oracle replies:

I want you to ask yourself why you and these fellow musicians are in this band - how did it come about? There must have been a shared interest to start the band in the first place.
Usually a band come together because they share a passion in music - not always the same types of music but it's more than common for that to be the case.
The differences in taste could help shape your band into something very unique.
It's all very well being inspired by a band as long as it's not sounding like them.
Originality is very important these days so maybe you should all be encouraged to listen to each others' favourite bands and share thoughts, ideas and suggestions.
You should put effort into your songs no matter who they are for; band mates, friends, audience...
However, if the band members don't like the songs you're writing, you need a new band.
Going solo is one thing, getting session musicians is another - a very expensive other too.
I suggest you either work things out with your band to make a sound for yourselves that draws on all your influences or go solo and perform as a singer-songwriter acoustically until you find like minded people you want to make music with.
Good luck.