May 14, 2013 - submitted by Ashley, United States of America

Q. Quick question: I've noticed that Chris Martin had an = sign on his hand during a concert or something (not sure since it was just a random photo on Bing), and I was wondering whether or not he meant it to be an HRC/LGBT(Q) supportive thing or JUST a thing (like, "Hey, I'm putting this equal sign for balance of the body and mind...").
Crazy curious, and I would appreciate an answer *squeal* It would be epic if you guys (or at least Mr. Martin), supported HRC.

The Oracle replies:

The official logo of the HRC is the equal sign (yellow on blue) and has been around since 1995.
In 2002, Chris adopted a different equal sign for the band's involvement in Oxfam's Make Trade Fair campaign (green on white).
I've not discussed HRC with the guys but knowing them as well as I do, I feel I can say they are in support of the Human Rights Campaign.