May 13, 2013 - submitted by Trinity, United Kingdom

Q. So I went to see Athlete on Friday for their 10 year anniversary of Vehicles and Animals, and it was great. And although they may not be as successful as Coldplay, would the band ever consider say a 15 year anniversary of Parachutes, not necessarily a tour but a few one of small gigs. It would be hugely appreciated I'm sure, plus you can't deny that this is not only the greatest song in the world, but must be the best song played live!?

The Oracle replies:

Thank you for the reminder of this wonderful version of Spies. It was a firm favourite of mine since I very first heard it.
Anchorman went to see the Athlete anniversary show too and loved it.
I'm not sure there would be anything like a 15th year anniversary of Parachutes but it would be nice to celebrate in some way. Maybe we could have a party of our own?