May 10, 2013 - submitted by Solaf, Egypt

I am kind of confused about my schooling and I was hoping you'd help. I'm currently in 8th grade and my biggest ambition is to become a Rockstar. My dad has offered to get me into a musical academy next year but then I'd have to quit school, while my mum says I could do both. So which decision should I make? Should I do my learning while also studying singing or should I just go to the musical academy and give it my all? Thank you so much, dear Oracle.

The Oracle replies:

My friend wanted to be a rockstar. He had the talent, the looks, the charm and all the other ingredients but he has never been a rockstar. However, he was in a rockstar's band and had songs he'd written covered by other well known musicians. For whatever reason he never made it in his own right in that field. These days he is a very successful composer and scores a hit U.S TV show.
My point here is to firstly rename your goal.
Maybe your biggest ambition should be to be a successful musician and take it from there. I will assume you have talent as you have parental support in your dream.
As you may know, I love a good dream and believe in following them and reaching goals.
If you truly believe that you have what it takes, go for it but I always think it's handy to have a back-up plan but some say that suggests you're accepting failure as an option.
I don't know what facilities are like in Egypt but here in the UK it's possible to choose a musical academy as higher education too. Personally I would always finish school, get qualifications and then look at entering into a facility to take your music further.
If you have the talent, it will never leave you but it's harder to go back and redo the schooling. Take your time with the decision - it's a BIG one but I guess I'm saying, stay in school for now and do both.
Over to you.

Well, to make a big decision like this you need to know where you are standing, classes and musical education at the same time can be extremely tough. My coach always says that we have to follow the "Triple 8 Rule": 8 hours for school, 8 hours to study or do whatever we want, and 8 hours to sleep. In your case, with musical education and school, you will have: 8 hours for school, 4 hours dedicated to learning singing (that's how hardcore academies work), 2 hours to study, 2 hours to practice your singing, and well, 8 hours to sleep. That means no free time at all, and some serious fatigue and exaustion.
Now, if you want to just embrace singing, you're going to have to sweat and bleed to be successful at it, singing will have to be your only option, your only way, and your only destination.
If you choose singing over studying and singing at the same time, you'll be closer to your dream, but remember, becoming a Rockstar isn't easy. Alexandre.

Well, I think you should definitely do both. By the time you finish school you'll be more mature to pursue your dream of becoming a rockstar with a more sensible touch. You'll be more mentally prepared to take your own decisions and to assume all the responsibilities that such an aim of yours entails. Good luck with that! Hope to listen to your songs soon! Cesar.

I think you should do both things, because you are currently in 8th grade, so, you can learn things in school and at the same time you can improve your musical abilities and finally when you have graduated from school no one can take your knowledge from you and then you can focus on studying musical things. I really don´t know you but I know you can do both things because you are awesome. Ivan, Panama.

I think you should try to do both – many people want to become a Rockstar and don’t succeed. So just in case you don’t either – although I totally believe in you, Solaf – it’ll be very good if you finish school so you can try to get another job then. It might be a hard and stressful time for you, but you’ll know you’ll be able to earn money later, no matter what happens. Good luck and nice greetings, Jule.

I know you'd love to be a rockstar and to see your dream come true, but it's better to achieve your studying first. If you can do as your Mom said do them both it would be the best.
Look at our lovely Coldplay members, they were in the same situation as you and they have chosen to do both; studying and building their own careers.
I wish you all the best. Ask yourself there are surely things you don't know about yourself and God willing you'll know which way to choose. Hasna.

I think it's great that you're getting so much support from your parents! I cant help but agree with your mom, though. You're still a bit young. I'm now a senior but have gone through a lot of changes since eighth grade. To make a commitment like that is a big deal. Having some sort of back up plan can even help your confidence in music, as you're not constantly thinking about how you've given other things up. I think you can definitely do both. Maybe taking mostly regular classes instead of harder advanced ones will help. I wish you the best of luck, either way! Love, Darem.

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