May 8, 2013 - submitted by Nicole, Mexico

Q. Hey Oracle! I just got a new female dog and I would like her name to be something related to Coldplay... Do you have any ideas of a good name? :)

The Oracle replies:

I don't think it's all that important for dogs to have gender specific names as long as it's not totally ridiculous - like Sarah for a male.
I think Mylo is a great name for any pet regardless of gender.
In the comic book, there's a character called Fly. She's introduced by: "Her? What? Fly is a girl?" Sounds like quite a feisty character...
Snoopy is a famous dog - in the Peanuts comic strip - & given he's Charlie Brown's dog, it's (indirectly) a link to the band.
I'd also consider Lhuna or Lukas (Coldplay songs by Kylie Minogue & Natalie Imbruglia respectively).