May 1, 2013 - submitted by Jamie, United Kingdom

Q. Hey Oracle.

Recently, Chris was pictured at the Emirates Stadium in London watching Arsenal vs Manchester United.

I know Will supports Southampton FC, and Jonny supports Tottenham Hotspur FC, but do you know which teams Chris and Guy follow (if indeed they do?)

If Chris was supporting his 'local' team it would be Exeter City (who play in the 4th division!).

Picture of Chris at the Emirates can be found here.
Thank you very much.

The Oracle replies:

Jay Z has been a fan of Arsenal for some time and has been to their matches a few times. As you can see from the photo, Chris accompanied him at the game against Manchester United last weekend.

As for which team the guys support, you are correct with Will & Jonny's teams. I previously mentioned here that Chris & Guy don't have a particular team.