April 30, 2013 - submitted by jamie, United Kingdom

Q. I just bought my first car and I'm thinking of having a personalised licence plate and I want it to be something Coldplay related. I was thinking of getting DL08 BYH after Don't Let It Break Your Heart. But there could be better ones. What do you think?

The Oracle replies:

This would have made an interesting alternative Team Oracle question too.

I'm thinking along the lines of using the numbers or letters from songs from songs: 42, 136, UFO, MMIX...
Obviously you can also use numbers to resemble letters: F1X Y0U, 5P1E5 or TR0U13LE (think that's too long AS IS V10LET H1LL).
Some people use 3 for E so maybe Y35 (Yes) & 5AF3TY (Safety).
Well, that gives you something to think on I guess.