April 29, 2013 - submitted by Marie, United States of America

Q. Well hello there, All-knowing Oracle.
I have a horrible cold right now and I am in a musical. It is nearly impossible to sing well. Then it occurred to me that Coldplay goes on tour for a loooong time and has to deliver a great show nearly every night at the tour's peak. How does Chris keep his voice in perfect condition?! Does he ever get sick? I've seen them 4 times and he was phenomenal every time. Just curious...

The Oracle replies:

Chris does sometimes get sick but he does whatever he can to prevent that from happening and looks after his voice as much as possible.
Various before and after show regimes include: not speaking, ginger, lemon & honey drinks, wearing a scarf with something similar to tiger balm on it, throat remedies and certain lozenges, vocal warm-ups, steam machines and after the show he sits in a steam room.
Obviously when he is sick he seeks medical attention and follows whatever is advised / prescribed.