April 23, 2013 - submitted by Hasna, Morocco

Q. Hello dear Oracle,
Can you please tell me whose is this hand (at 1:40), and what is the meaning of the Bigger Stronger video?

Thank you very much dear Oracle, my best wishes and respectful feelings,
Your fan who loves you all, Hasna.

The Oracle replies:

Originally the video was going to be for Spies but they changed their mind so it actually has no relation to anything lyrically or otherwise to Bigger Stronger.
I can't really explain the meaning because of that reason.
Also, as it was filmed just before my time with the band, I have no clue who the hand belongs to. Mat Whitecross directed this video so I asked him: "it was a guy called Balint, who did the props on the day".
A nice nugget of new information!