April 22, 2013 - submitted by Mike, United Kingdom

Q. Does Chris have any foto with Billie Joe from Green Day? Thank you Oracle :)

The Oracle replies:

UPDATE: Ta-da! This is NOT the photo I had in mind but that's the two of them together as asked. I reckon a fan took this photo at a festival or something. Thanks to Daniela for the link.

I don't think there's a photo just of the two of them - not to my knowledge. I have seen footage from an awards ceremony though - I'm thinking Grammys - where Coldplay & Green Day were sat one row apart. I'm pretty sure there will be an image of this somewhere or perhaps a video. I can't find one but it will exist.
This ties very nicely into one of today's previous questions... I will be able to come back and edit this post when I get photographic evidence.