April 19, 2013 - submitted by Claudia, Puerto Rico

I feel so confused. What is the real reason we are here earth? I thought it was for us to be happy, but what happens to us afterwards? Where do we go? I wish I knew. My lover, my baby, my one and only, passed away last month in a car accident. He was only 20 years, and so full of life. The most amazing person I've ever known. Where did he go? Is he ok? Will I see him someday?
Sorry for all the questions.
Thank you Coldplay for teaching me lessons and helping me understand myself.
I just hope I get to see him again.
Manolo my love - you belong to me, not swallowed in the sea.

The Oracle replies:

I truly wish I could answer your questions. I have no explanation to make sense of this tragic loss. While there are platitudes I could offer, none will be of much use right now.
I personally haven't got any religious beliefs so I can't even talk about afterlife or what God's plan was for your beloved Manolo. All I know is he will live on in your memories and he will always be with you in your heart.
Life can be so cruel and bad things happen to good people.
Over to you.

I'm so sorry. I think that we do not have a specific reason for being here. Life is not easy, remember that everything worthwhile, have to cost. We can be as happy as we can, but not always the case. There are obstacles to be overcome. Unfortunately, I don't know what happens after life, maybe his life and love were prosperous and his mission in the world would have ended. It is only a possibility but I'm sure that wherever he is, he will care of you and never leave you alone. I understand your sadness and confusion and I know it's not easy but you must continue with your life, and you're still alive you have much ahead. I'm sure that nothing was missing in his life and that he is happy, so continue slowly and stay with the best memories that live in your heart, with great smile. The passage of time will make you feel better, of course you can also get support from people around you, they always make you feel better and that will help you get out of it more easily. Nina.

Well Sweetheart, first off, I'd like to say that I'm sorry for your loss, and I know how it feels to lose someone like that. But I know that he's up there in heaven, waiting for you to reunite with him. Though it will be tough living without him, if you endure such hardships, it will only make you stronger. God has a plan, and you just need to trust that. Have faith, and he will take care of you. Stay Strong. Sydney.

I am terribly sorry for your loss. I hope you can take comfort that the common thread to all cultural and religious languages of the world have your answer: the Spirit never dies. The Universal Spirit is everywhere, in all of us and everything, and our physical bodies are just the vehicle through which our individual portions of that Spirit expresses itself in this reality. The eternal essence of who are are, the Spirit, the One Love, is the cause of Life and Death, it cannot live forever in our temporary vessels. The body, being subject to the limitations of time and physical reality, must eventually be relinquished and the Spirit eternal is free to rejoin limitless bliss, unhindered by Time and Place, free of any and all frustrations that can manifest here on this physical plane. Free to stay by your side at will and free to experience unlimited peace and joy outside of the physical rational linear mind.
Yes, your loved one is happy and free and always there when you call his name. He is with you when you sense his presence in the day, when a happy memory with him flashes through your mind so vivid you feel you are reliving it, and when he comes to you in dreams at night. May peace be with you. Branwen.

Well, may be this answer will look so cliche, but is what I think. When we die, we are supposed to go to the heaven, with our heavenly Father: God. How can we help Manolo to reach the Heaven, in case he didn't reach? We have to pray for him, for the salvation of his soul. Don't think anymore in the body of Manolo, think in him soul being extremely happy and waiting for your soul, to be happy with him and God. Blessings and hugs. Lillie.

We don’t know what will happen the next day and we don’t know what will be when our days are gone. It’s a tragedy what you have to experience. I had very similar experiences and think I can feel for you. To believe it is over for those who are dead, they neither feel nor do anything, but we are those who feel pain - this sometimes can help. Though you’re right, we really don’t know anything. So we believe what we need to, in our mind we can create something what we wish for them. Surely he will be in your head, probably your whole life. But the way it works in your head, you can have an influence on it. Accept your memories being there or gone, don’t fight against your sadness and don’t feel guilty for being happy again without him. There’s a time for everything.
Think what would be if you were the one in that car. How should his life go on then? I’m sure you wanted to see him happy again as far as possible one day.
It is your turn to live your life, although it is very hard, you had to learn painfully how precious it is. You could do something he wanted to do, a journey, meeting somebody he wanted to meet e.g., this could make a connection between your memory and your presence. Very best wishes. L.Q.

I'm terribly sorry for your loss. He may be gone, but his spirit will never leave. You will see him through all the people he has touched, and all those who love him. God has a plan for all of us, and I believe if we live our lives in proper accordance, He will reward us with heaven. Have faith that you will be reunited, and it will happen. Warm regards, Blake.

I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how hard it is to cope. I can't really answer your questions as no one really knows what happens to us after death. Probably one of the hardest things to do is actually accept what's happened, and with that, the changes in your life. Your life does go on, though, and you can remember the great moments you shared with him. When someone passes away, it feels as if they've been taken away from your life, but you can learn to keep his memory alive. Then, I assure you he will always be a part of it. No one can take away the time you spent with him. No one can take away your memories. Realizing that might help your life feel a bit more stable. You're probably familiar with the song Death and All His Friends where Chris says "those who are dead, are not dead, they're just living in my head", which says it a lot better than I just did. He'll always be in your heart and mind. I'm sure that he wouldn't want you to be sad either, so please take care. Time helps. Many hugs. Love, Darem.

How tragic! I am sorry for your loss. I'm sure Manolo is at peace and even though his body has gone, his spirit will remain forever. I wish I knew the meaning of life but there may not be a meaning to it. While you are here make the best of it - in Manolo's memory and honour. Hugs. Britt.

I don’t know if my answer will be accepted because it’s got religious ties within it, but I feel like the question asked is one that only religion can answer. I think that our purpose on earth is to live as a part of a greater story, the story that God’s been playing out since the beginning. Early on sin was brought into the world, and the perfect world that God created began to experience brokenness. We see brokenness all around. Whether it’s the tragic death of your love, the bombings this week in Boston, or the sweet woman I know who was recently diagnosed with cancer; we’ve all experienced brokenness. Though it hurts and we can’t understand it, we all hope for something better. We all hope that someday all of creation will be made right again as it was in the beginning and that the brokenness will be gone. I believe that Jesus cheated death in his Resurrection, and that by the power of God, you can hold the same hope for your love. Jesus is still alive, so is your love. We are eternal. Our bodies don’t last but our souls do. It’s my hope that you’ll see your love again when God sets everything right. All my love to you in this time of pain, I’m praying for you Claudia. Bradley.

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