April 18, 2013 - submitted by Brad, United States of America

Q. Hello most wonderful Oracle. What is the band hoping for out of fans in the front few rows? I got brought down by a roadie at the Barclays and didn't realize how nuts I was getting (evidence is on the screen 1:43 into this video). I was standing right in front of Guy and don't know if it was good or annoying to him that I was so crazy since he's so chill. Best night of my life, thanks to you and Coldplay for everything you do.

The Oracle replies:

Ha! That's brilliant. You're in good company, here is someone else going nuts at a Coldplay show.
You did good, Brad. The whole point of bringing you guys down to the front is for you to have the best time ever and the band love to see that. It's always great looking out and seeing people enjoying themselves.
Don't ever hold back; go for it!