April 17, 2013 - submitted by Dorothea, Austria

Q. Dear Oracle,

First I hope you're doing fine and everything goes well!?
I have a question concerning the Oxfam In My Place film project... sadly I found out today that it was possible for fans to participate by sending a pic or video for the film. Is it totally useless to send one through? I would really love to send one... but I know I missed the deadline *damn*.
And second I wanted to ask if this will be a real music video for the Oxfam version of In My Place with the band in it etc. or is it a PR-video for the Oxfam campaign?

Thank you a lot for your reply :)
Have a good day,
greets from Austria

The Oracle replies:

The deadline was the final date to submit your videos.
The answer to your second question can be seen here as Mat Whitecross has worked hard to turnaround those submissions into a great video.