April 15, 2013 - submitted by Jesse K, United States of America

Q. Hello Oracle,
You recently answered a question about whether or not Chris or any of the band are vegetarians. I am curious about the segment of 5:29 to 5:45 in this video.
You said that the vegetarian claim is a "common misconception," and I of course believe that you know that for a fact, I'm just curious why Chris wouldn't have set the record straight in this situation? Has he/they only just recently become carnivores? Thanks Oracle!

The Oracle replies:

"We're not so much a big meat band" isn't saying they don't eat meat.
You have to remember that the band have no religious or moral reasons for abstaining. What they eat is to keep fit & healthy so they may one or all go through periods of time where they do or don't eat meat.
I don't think Chris saw it as a serious question (Cold cut/Coldplay... neither do I) and that's probably why he didn't feel the need to elaborate further.