April 2, 2013 - submitted by Tim, United States of America

Q. Hello Oracle,

Why is Coldplay not performing at Glastonbury this year? They are always there!
Also where do I send my fan mail to Coldplay? I am going to England this fall. What areas of the UK do you love to go to? I have to do to a Manchester United football game! LOVE THEM!!!
Tim( who is pretending he is from England).

The Oracle replies:

They are far from always there. Their first appearance was as a new band in the John Peel Tent*, 1999. The year after they performed on the Other Stage. They first headlined on the Pyramid Stage in 2002 and again in 2005. They didn't play the festival again until 2011 where they headlined on the Saturday night.

We don't have a fan mail address but there's a contact button on this site - the band don't read/reply to those personally though.

Without knowing how long you're in England it's hard to suggest places. If you're going to Old Trafford I would say go a little further north to The Lake District. There are plenty of beautiful places of interest in the UK so you won't be short of things to see.

*It was called The New Bands Tent at the time, later renamed to John Peel Tent in honour of the radio DJ who championed new music. Incidentally, the bands playing the tent weren't always "new" bands playing for the first time.