March 29, 2013 - submitted by Vieve, Philippines

Hey Oracle! I just want to ask: what can be done if you're always bugged by your mind with the query: "Where is really my rightful place in this world?" It's like it's the question that always get into me because of the drastic turn out of events (e.g. One day, I'm with my friends, next day I feel very alienated) I really don't know what to do.

The Oracle replies:

It probably seems very flippant of me to say this but just try to chill out and stop stressing about it. Maybe the whole point of life is to find the answer to your question and maybe it may take a lifetime to work it out.
I will now rattle off a list of cliches (because they are true) and then finally throw my personal view your way.
You can either take each day as it comes or live each day like it's your last or simply make the most out of it.
I'm thinking that what you describe as drastic is merely a blip, a glitch if you will. Try not to worry about the small stuff. What you could do is find out what YOU want from your life. Where you see yourself heading and if that's the right direction. Your place is the place where you feel happy. It could be any number of things that make you happy. A quiet life with contentment or you may discover you want to make a difference to the world or at least leave some impact of your existence. You might see that having a family or a great career or being successful is your life plan. Whatever works and each to their own.
I think to expect things to go a certain way will only bring disappointment.

I use goal setting along with the law of attraction and when I'm mentally positive I find the rest falls into place. That's my place. My place in the world is wherever I put myself - geographically or metaphorically.
Not every day will bring joy but I can find the joy or make it myself. It takes some effort on my part. I learn from the past and make the present count. I feel pretty much in control of my life despite the future being an unknown entity. I try to think of that as exciting rather than worrying. Life really is what you make (of) it.
Over to you.

Many X&Y tracks have made me open my eyes to see that one's rightful place in life is whatever one choses. "You see no meaning to your life. You should try" is a quote from Low that, to me, means that one should never believe that they are alone. Consider this, you make a difference in your friends and family's day, everyday. That can be considered your "rightful place" in life, to be with friends, to make people smile. Just emphasize on it everyday, and you may see your would a little different. ("It's how you see the world") (I love that song). Feeling alienated is a feeling everyone gets for no real reason sometimes (or it's just us two + we're crazy). Hope this helps! Mitchell

It is not always easy to be in a place, to deal with feelings and emotions that you are not used to, it's not easy to accept new ideas, but I can say that your place could be any place, since you are with the people you like, doing everything you love and where anyone can stop you from doing it. Your place is where you can be yourself, and where you are accepted by who you are.
Maybe one day you wake up feeling lost, sad, or alienated as you said, and you will notice that you are in the right place if a person, an action, a music, or any other minor thing makes you feel better, feel satisfied, feel good by just being who you really are. The right place do not tell you how to be, it actually teaches you that being yourself is better than adapting to what others want to see from you. Of course in some situations you'll have adapt yourself to do accept some actions and new ideas, but that doesn't mean you are not acting like you should, it means that you are opening your mind to new ideas an analysing how good they are and how they fit your way of seeing things. I'm sure you have your place already, but you maybe didn't noticed it yet. Jorge.

Listen to more Coldplay & stop thinking about it. Life's too short to spend it bugged by what to do & where to be. Just do whatever makes you happy ,the minute you'll stop wondering about it you'll realize that this is your rightful place. Boshkash.

Really, that is for you to decide. You have the choice on what you want to do, where you want to go, who you want to be. You just have to go with what you feel. If your so-called “friends",” alienate you, I wouldn’t really call them friends, but this is just from an outsider’s point of view.
Regardless, it is up to you to decide where you fit in, where your rightful place is. It will require self-exploration and dedication, but you can figure it out. There will be trial and error, but eventually you will find that rightful place, and once there, you will be able to have the greatest impact on the world around you. Brianna, USA.

Wow you really ask a very deep question . We all struggle with a sense of belonging, the desire to feel a part of something special and something good . Sometimes depending on our circumstances it is an easy fit , but life is always changing and as we grow up and change and enter the adult world , more change is likely, All this can leave us feeling 'left in the dust ' by our friends who are at a different stage in life. So how to cope... by realizing that here and now is to be embraced, enjoy your life and the journey it takes you on , many twists and turns in the road occur before you get to a place and you feel "this is why I am here , this is what I am meant to do'. You may try different friends, jobs, travel and education to sort it out , in the process you will discover what you are truly passionate about, and what brings you the greatest joy. Right now, the important thing is to not focus too much on the destination , but let the journey answer this for you. You will get there , best wishes, Laurie.

Keep yourself busy! Always have something to look forward to, even if it's as simple as watching the sunrise. By doing this you will find that you won't be so worried about where you are, but you'll be drawing the lines to where you will end up. All of the events in your life have shaped where you are at this moment. Spend time with friends, family, and loved ones, and you will see that you are right where you need to be. Blake.

I find myself feeling the same way sometimes. To me, it changes depending on what we do or plant to do. I feel that contributing to something bigger than you is important. Try things that make you think of yourself as a successful person. This can be different for everyone depending on what they consider success, so do what *you* want to do. People are complex and have different roles in different peoples lives. The boys, for example, are great inspirational rock stars to us fans, but there is another big part of their lives when they're just parents or husbands. Your place in the world depends on the person you are or sometimes simply the kind of attitude you have towards other people. There are some days when the nicest person I come across is the bus driver. Hope this helps. Love, Darem.

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