March 26, 2013 - submitted by Shaikah, Saudi Arabia

Q. Hey I'm big fan of Coldplay in twitter A/Q that was done few months ago. Chris mentioned that falconry - not sure if it is the right word, was one of his hobbies. It also my husband favorite hobby. I really loved to see picture of Chris with his falcon or practicing his hobby? And what they really hunt in England?
Do they hunt buzzard too? I'll be grateful of you post picture.
And sending Coldplay love from Saudi Arabia. Peace.

The Oracle replies:

Last May there was a twitter Q&A. Chris replied to one about what he likes to do when he has time off with "I like falconry, jousting and looking for suits of armour on eBay. And making up daft answers to questions."
The last part of this gives away that Chris was just having a bit of fun.
He doesn't count falconry as a hobby (or jousting & looking for suits of armour on eBay).