March 21, 2013 - submitted by Lorelei, United States of America

Q. I have heard from a lot of people that the boys are taking a break for a couple of years. If so, how long is the break going to be and when do you think there is going to be another album or tour?

The Oracle replies:

Although I understand people are anxious for news and perhaps even mild panic sets in at the thought of no new music for a while yet I wonder why this question comes up so much when we look at the discography of the band:
Parachutes 2000
X&Y 2005
Viva 2008
MX 2011

You can see from this that the band have always had 2-3 years between albums so however long this "break" is, I can't see it being any longer. It's not a break per se as much as being off the radar.