March 19, 2013 - submitted by Nate, United States of America

Q. Hello Oracle, I was wondering how Jonny gets that great sound on his guitar? It sound incredible! And where can I get a book or tabs for how Jonny plays songs and riffs exactly the way he plays them? Thanks see ya!

The Oracle replies:

Many great guitarists have a distinctive sound: Clapton, Prince, Hendrix & our very own Buckland.
There are many components to creating that sound. The guitarist first and foremost and then their choice of guitar, the effects pedals, techniques and even the amp. Guitarists can choose to play with or without distortion, capo, whammy bar, pick (plectrum) and slides. All of these are contributing factors.

We don't have guitar tabs books - though there are some available online, as well as tabs sites but I'd hate to recommend any that aren't accurate.
There are also YouTube videos of how to play Coldplay songs - unofficial - but probably worth a look.