March 14, 2013 - submitted by Linda , Italy

Q. Hi Oracle!
Can you promise me one thing?
That you will say to Chris not to cut his hair. His curls are lovely. Thanks :)

The Oracle replies:

A few years ago in The Bakery whilst discussing the next album (which was at that point almost 2 years in the future away), Chris said he had a very important question to ask me. I felt honoured that he was about to bestow such faith in my reply.
"Do you think my hair should be short or long for the next campaign?"
Anchorman was also present and said "short" - I reminded him that Chris was asking me, not him.
"I think long. I prefer it long. Either way if you grow it now you can always cut it if you change your mind".
As you may have noticed, Chris' hair was pretty long just before the official MX photos were taken. It seems he did indeed change his mind so I can't promise you what you ask.
See? Things like haircuts are a very important factor and decisions like that aren't taken as lightly as you may think.