March 13, 2013 - submitted by Natalia, Mexico

Q. Hi dear Oracle:
Ive been asking myself ALL DAY LONG, have One Direction copied the Xylobands of the Coldplay concerts? I have seen a photo that is a glow band that says One Direction . (I DO NOT like One Direction).
Please answer me , thanks.
Greeting From Mexico.

The Oracle replies:

I was a little taken aback by some of the venom towards One Direction for having flashing wristbands at their concerts. Poor lads are just trying to make a great show.
I know the Xylobands made a huge impact on the touring scene but there are many effects that many artists use at their live shows; confetti, pyrotechnics and giant balloons - they were not a new invention.
Glow bands, LED bracelets and flashing wristbands have been around for many years before Xylobands. However, what makes a Xyloband - Jason's invention - unique is the fact you can control which wristbands flash and when.
One Direction weren't the first band to recently (post MX) use flashing wristbands by the way but I am quite sure that Coldplay paved the way to make for an exciting show using them.