March 5, 2013 - submitted by Robert, United Kingdom

Q. Dear Oracle,

I've just recently got back from volunteering for Oxfam at Reading Festival. I had a great time, but it made me wonder why Coldplay haven't played there since 1999?

I know the guys have a closer connection with Glastonbury, but the way they're performing live at the moment I think they could impress any crowd.

The Oracle replies:

Their first Reading appearance was brilliant and the tent was packed. The day after the same could not be said of their Leeds performance. The gates were late opening and as the band were first on, they were instructed to start playing on time which meant there was only myself & Phil watching until the gates opened.
It was an anti-climax and certainly didn't put anyone in the happiest of moods. It was really sad to have gone from the high of Reading to the low of Leeds. Travelling through the night to get there only to play a couple of songs to an empty tent.
Once people started to arrive it was great but it really put them off appearing at the festival again.
The next time they were asked they had a prior engagement anyway (a cricket match!) that clashed so they couldn't perform.